Nationwide funding - Funding for the e-cargo bike

Nationwide funding - Funding for the e-cargo bike

What is funded?

Cargo bikes with a load capacity of at least 150 kg and 1 cubic meter volume, you can also combine cargo bikes and trailers with an electric motor

Scope of funding

30% of the purchase price will be refunded, or amounts up to 2500 euros

Who can submit an application?

Companies and cooperatives, as well as freelancers, universities, hospitals and municipalities

Apply for the new nationwide purchase premium for cargo bikes

It has been in force since March 1st, 2018 - the small series guideline for the promotion of the commercial use of cargo e-bikes. A step towards more ecological awareness in the transport of goods within the framework of the national climate protection initiative.

The small series guideline provides for a premium of 30% of the purchase price of a cargo e-bike, which can be up to a maximum of 2500 euros. Those who have purchased a cargo e-bike since November 29 can apply for this funding at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). However, as is so often the case, there are some restrictions to consider before completing an application.

Who benefits from the premium for cargo e-bikes?

The premium is set up for the commercial use of cargo e-bikes. This means that those who are thinking about buying a cargo e-bike to pick up their children from kindergarten or to take the dog to the vet will not receive any funding. There are also conditions for the type of commercial use. Loads of e-bikes that serve as sales areas for food or drinks or to transport people in the sense of a rickshaw are also excluded from the small series directive.

Commercial heavy-duty bikes with electric motors or electrically supported trailers for private companies, research institutions, cooperatives, freelance workers, universities, hospitals and municipalities for the transport of goods or other goods receive funding.

Which cargo bikes fall into the category of the small series directive?

In fact, the nature of the cargo e-bike is also important when applying for funding. Although trailers with electric drive and combinations of cargo e-bikes and cargo trailers also fall into the small series directive, a load capacity of at least 150 kg and a load volume of at least 1 cubic meter are required to receive the bonus of 30%. The small series guideline is advantageous for those who work in logistics or similar branches of industry, but not for all those who want to enjoy a cargo e-bike in their private lives.

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