Which cargo bike? Here are the tips.

Which cargo bike? Here are the tips.

Trike is for you? or maybe Long John type?

who knows, without testing them out and make your comparison. No one can tell you what you prefer the most for your needs.

Here is some basic information about the cargo bike before you make a decision.

Trike / Three wheels cargo bike

often enough space for 3kids (or even 4 kids!) When you have your kids in front of you. it is already non-sense to talk about 'Riding Performance' Although, in case you are carrying stuffs..no problem with a straight line. However, with a corner, make sure you reduce your speed. One side having too much stress for your heavy load isn't a good idea. Does tilting ability on a trike is better? when rider drives quick and enjoys the fast corner in & out. Then yes. However, not with an extreme heavy load.

Tip: With heavy load rather non-tilting trike is more stable from our experience. 

Long John type

Almost like a regular bike in terms of riding position and riding comfort (trike is another level of riding comfort because you don't hop off from your bike)

If we summarise this long John type. ‘The most versatile cargo bike’ Either you want to take your kids, grocery, camping, bike packing tour etc. it simply fits on all occasions. Furthermore, it may subjective but we think that long John type of cargo bike can look very sexy and appealing design overall.

Tip: If you are sensitive with handling you can add steering damper. 

Are you a Heavy loader?

most of "regular" cargo bike's maximum overall payload is 200kg

80kg adult + 50kg bicycle? already 130kg. you can load only 70kg. ideally less than 60kg. I am not sure what do you want to carry with 60kg but it can happen indeed. And of course, we feel safer when there is a sufficient amount of weight limit. Also when the bicycle is moving. it can stress your frame more than the item's weight. With this theory, 60kg isn't much actually. Therefore, light and sturdy frame are essential. Plus the frame structure that doesn't get much of effect from the heavy load.

Tip: if you carry some serious weight, consider to upgrade your brake system.

In conclusion, Trike is more sturdy than a long John type. However, riding long distance definitely we recommend Long John type win. Always pay attention to weight distribution! This will make your bicycle last longer.

We are happy to share our opinion and other customer's feedback. We are offering a free test ride or even a week rental service. Your rental fee is deductible when you purchase. 


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