Triobike Boxter (Mid drive)

A stylish and planet-friendly alternative to the family car, the Triobike boxter E will get you and all you can carry around the city in comfort and with minimal effort (thanks to some hi-tech help from our mighty motors). No more rush hour, parking tight spots or delayed trains. Just you, your kids, loads of stuff and the open road. Enjoy the ride in any kind of weather, at any time of year.

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4 Kids, The Dog & Groceries

The Triobike boxter can carry a lot. Kids, pets, groceries, gardening tools, large packages, even a Christmas tree. And the spacious box module is squared, making it extremely practical to stack big loads. The floor has a non-slip surface for safety and the box is cast in one solid, seamless piece without any dangerous joints or sharp edges, making it totally kid and user friendly. The hood allows your kids (and the family pet) to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and can easily be folded away on sunny days.

Room To Move

The Triobike boxter pod is big, light and tough. A unique moulding technique creates the box in one seamless piece with smooth, rounded edges to be durable and shock-resistant. The box is squared for easy stacking, has a volume of 280 litres, has a non-slip floor and is spacious and very safe as it’s made from PU foam, a low density and high resistance material that can handle big bumps and heavy loads on open roads.

Mighty E-Power System

With the e–power system on the Triobike boxter e cargo bike, you can flatten hills even when fully loaded. Long journeys become a breeze! The powerful Brose Drive S mid-drive motor, with its torque of 90 Nm, does all the work for you in complete silence. The display keeps track of your battery level, distance travelled and speed (and for your more energetic days, feel free to adjust the motor and do a little leg work yourself). All e-systems provided by Triobike comply with EN 15194 standard.

Boxter E Mid Drive

Triobike boxter E-mid-drive is equipped with the mighty Brose Drive S e–power system. With a torque of 90 Nm, this motor is powerful, completely silent and as easy to charge as a cell phone. This means that riding up hills on your cargo bike, even with the pod fully loaded, is a breeze. With the display on your Triobike boxter E mid-drive, you can always keep track of the battery level, distance, speed and even adjust how much help you want from the electric motor. A long trip is no problem. All e-systems provided by Triobike comply with EN 15194 standard, and this model comes with a secure two-year warranty, so you really can relax on the road.


Brake Like an F1 car

The Triobike boxter can be equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, the best available technology directly inherited from the car industry. Even at high speeds and with the pod fully loaded, applying a small squeeze on the brake levers will get you to a full stop in a short distance. The Triobike boxter is equipped with a parking lock too: you can easily activate the P-lock with one hand, allowing you to load or unload in a safe and relaxed manner.

Stable and Fun

On the Triobike boxter the front wheels are slightly inclined to improve the handling and stability of the bike during the ride. Furthermore, our trikes are designed to lean to the inside when turning. This feature not only offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience: having the rider’s mass lean to the same side as the turn also increases stability and the riding comfort. You now only have to enjoy the ride!

Colourful Rides For Colourful Minds

Triobike is all about the freedom to choose and express who you are. Our wide selection of colours, styles, accessories and customization options will open up a world of possibilities for you to play with. Hood and seat colours never fade thanks to a special water-resistant, fire tested and 100% UV stable material. We love a challenge, so let us know if there are any parts on a Triobike cargo bike we can create or adapt especially for you. The sky is the limit.

Choose Your Accessories

Add any number of useful accessories to your Triobike boxter – from a cardinal red seat to an ocean blue hood or practical puncture-free tyres. Infants can ride safely on the Triobike boxter thanks to the specifically designed baby seat. Do you have more than 2 kids? No problem, the boxter can be equipped with 4 kids seats and hood. The bikes equipped with mid-drive e-system can mount the ultra-powerful and totally integrated Supernova lights, capable of providing exceptional luminosity.

Let there be light

On the Triobike boxter, your front and rear lights are integrated and part of the standard equipment. The integrated lights are connected to the motor’s battery, so there’s no hassle with a battery change. With a slight touch on the display, you can turn the lights on and off. There is also the option of having the lights turn on and off automatically in relation to the light around you – then you can exclusively focus on your cycle adventures!

A Silent Ride

The Triobike boxter can be equipped with Gates Carbon Drive and the Enviolo CA gearless continuously variable transmission. Thanks to the belt and the internal gear hub, this combination is almost maintenance free and gives you an even more silent and smooth riding experience. Relax and enjoy the birds singing!

The Hood

We’ve ensured that the Triobike boxter hood will keep water out, will not catch fire and will never fade thanks to a special solution-dyed sunacryl acrylic fiber that is water-resistant, fire tested and 100% UV stable. The hood has a window at the rear, so you can keep an eye on your kids as they enjoy the view. (a double zipper also lets you easily open the back window). Every hood is hand-sewn by expert craftsmen.


The Seats

Your kids’ safety and comfort are top of our list. The Triobike boxter seat is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and free from harmful chemicals, PVC or heavy metals. Our carefully-selected materials also ensure that ice cream, ketchup and chocolate are no match – it’s easy to wipe clean. The seat folds away to create space when needed. You can choose between a two or four seat configuration.

Build Up

FRAME: aluminium 7005


PU foam casted in one piece




LENGTH: 218 cm

WIDTH: 91 cm


WIDTH: 78 cm, inside 71 cm

LENGTH: 101 cm, inside 97 cm









Tektro hydraulic disc brakes on front with parking lock,

Shimano roller brake on rear



Enviolo CA with Gates Carbon Drive


Ø: 31,6 mm

LENGHT: 450 mm

STEERING DAMPER: one included

SADDLE: triobike gel

CRANKSET: Aluminium

STEM: adjustable


HEIGHT: ground up 117 cm

WIDTH: 65 cm



MOTOR: Brose Drive S | 250W – 90 Nm mid drive motor

DISPLAY: display & remote control included

BATTERY: Li-Ion cells, 36V – 468 Wh

OPTION: 612 Wh battery


Data sheet

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